Who is Rosie?

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She’s a beautiful woman.

She loves that her clothes aren't piling out of her closet, but the clothes she has are made of rich and soft materials.

She wears a different outfit every day of the month by combining only 6 items.

She doesn't have to make an effort to look fashionable.

She loves to spend time with her friends and family.

She loves to organize dinners and loves it when everyone sleeps over, so there are lots of long nights at her house drinking, eating and laughing at the dinner table.

She loves to sing with her kids and dances with them while making dinner.

She’s a philanthropist and wants to give back to the world by wearing only clothing that is sustainable, fair trade and are made of eco-friendly fabrics.

She tries to give back to the world and she looks fashionable while doing it.

She’s you.

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