The versatile pieces of Honest-Rosie

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Honest-Rosie is a 6-piece capsule collection with which you can create 30 outfits. But what if you don’t buy the whole collection? Is the versatile effect of the capsule collection gone?
The answer is: NO.

Take a look at the versatile pieces:
1. Mary Tunic.
The Mary can be worn as a tunic and as a blouse. It’s one piece that looks like two complete different pieces, when you change the way you wear it. The other special part about the Mary is the unique bow. That alone would be a reason you absolutely can’t miss this in your wardrobe.

2. Nola Sweater.
The Nola can be worn with a V-neck or a boat neck. This item can change your look completely, just by changing the way you wear it. That makes the Nola versatile.

3. Mila Blouse.
The special part about the Mila is the design. You’ll find a standard button down blouse everywhere, but this blouse is a basic piece that belongs in every wardrobe, because of the unique design and it would definitely standout in a crowd!

4. Lily Skirt.
The Lily is a dress and a skirt in one. It’s wearable in every season. In the winter you can wear it as a skirt with some tights and boots underneath and during the summer it’s a summer dress and it feels very light when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside. A piece of clothing that makes you dream about the summer in the winter is a must-have for every wardrobe and good against the winter blues. The Lily is the answer to all your problems!
 5. Ann Trousers.
Okay, there’s nothing versatile about a pair of trousers, but it’s a basic piece everybody needs in their wardrobe. These Ann trousers come in two blue hued colours that uplift every wardrobe! Where have you ever seen a pair of trousers in these beautiful colours?

6. Rosie Blazer.
The Rosie uplifts your wardrobe, because you can wear it on top of everything and it gives your outfit the finishing touch with a je ne sais quoi effect.
It can be worn as a blazer and as a vest and it will complete your outfit or you can wear it as the base of your outfit by wearing the Rosie as a dress.

As you can see every piece of Honest-Rosie is versatile by itself and on top of that the pieces together are good for 30 outfits.

If you have an eye on one of the Honest-Rosie pieces, but you’re hesitant, because 1 item doesn’t bring the effect of the capsule wardrobe? Fear not!

Use Honest-Rosie as an inspiration to build your own capsule wardrobe and buy your favourite Honest-Rosie piece to complete it! (But if you don't want the hassle and fuss, you can of course buy the whole Honest-Rosie collection.)

Carpe Diem and click on this link to complete your wardrobe.

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