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Honest-Rosie is a collection consisting of 6 items. With these 6 items you can create 30 outfits. So what are the items that are so versatile you can make a month worth of outfits out of it?

They are:

A pair of trousers, tunic, skirt/dress, blouse, sweater and a blazer/dress.

They don’t really sound versatile, but they are as:
- The trousers have removable suspenders;
- The tunic can be worn as a tunic or as a shorter blouse;
- The skirt is also a dress;
- The blouse is combinable with most of the items in the collection;
- The sweater can be worn with a round neck or a V-neck;
- The blazer is also a dress.
You will have a different outfit for every day of the month by combining only 6 items. As a result you have a fuller closet, with lesser clothes.
The designs are fashionable, but not fashion-forward, are feminine, but not girly and are representable, but not too formal. The clothing is made of rich and soft materials and it’s for every occasion!
On top of that, the collection has to be sustainable, fair trade and made with eco-friendly fabrics. I found a manufacturer who checked off all the boxes!
So stay tuned to see the samples.
They’re being made as we speak!

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