The Beginning

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It was a rainy day. The leaves fell from the trees. It was cold and I sat inside staring out the window from the windowsill. Meanwhile I was thinking about the party I was going to tomorrow night, but I had nothing to wear. I could see my closet from where I was sitting. A big closet with clothes piling out. How is it possible, that with so many clothes, I still had nothing to wear? Do I really need so many clothes? What If I could create something where you would have more options in outfits, but with lesser clothing? What if I started my own fashion label with that concept in mind?

I started dreaming about it, researched everything I could find and started sketching items for the collection. The hours flew by and before I knew it I heard a key in the door. I heard footsteps coming closer, until they stopped right in front of me and he said: "What are you doing inside, it's such a beautiful day. Let's have dinner outside at the bonfire." I looked outside and while I was busy starting my dream I saw that the rain had stopped and it made place for a sunny evening.

And that was the first step..

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